SPCurrentUsers Explained


SPCurrentUsers is the basis for USP Journal Volume 1 – Issue 1. The issue teaches how the solution is made, taking the reader through every step towards recreating SPCurrentUsers while explaining details about how each feature works. As such, SPCurrentUsers is made with instruction in mind.

USP Journal Volume 1 – Issue 1 deals with the following aspects of the solution:

  • DelegateControl
  • CustomAction, both CAML based and Assembly based
  • Custom application pages in SharePoint, using code-behind files
  • List deployment and column manipulation
  • Solution setup using SharePoint event receviers

Subtopics include:

  • Querying list data in SharePoint
  • Extending the User Information List
  • Using WSPBuilder to speed up development time
  • Feature activation and deactivation through code.

A simplified version without current page stats and no dynamic reporting is available in the blog article “Find Number of Users Currently Logged on to a SharePoint Site”

You may also want to preview this issue. The first 15 pages are available for free download: Understanding SharePoint Journal Vol I – Issue 1 – Preview

USP Journal Volume 1 Issue 1 is 60 pages (PDF download) and costs $19.95.

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