SPInvoice Explained


SPInvoice ExplainedSPInvoice Explained is an advanced developer issue that focuses on teaching good SharePoint developmentĀ concepts to experienced developers. The solution SPInvoice is a training solution only, built to teach these concepts, using a mock but realistic software product.

In this issue, you’ll learn advanced SharePoint development concepts such as

  • Building solutions that upgrade across SharePoint versions
  • Understanding custom configuration options in SharePoint
  • Developing advanced user experiences with delegate controls and state management
  • Building rapid taxonomy solutions
  • Creating advanced user interfaces using jQuery and SPServices

You can check out a preview video of the user interface of SPInvoice here:

In addition to these concepts, SPInvoice Explained covers supporting techniques such as

  • Solution structure and organization
  • Property bags and other configuration features
  • Configuring features and solutions with feature receivers
  • ASP.NET development, including custom controls andĀ in-line code
  • Migrating traditional HTML layout to SharePoint

SPInvoice Explained is now available for purchase. Included in the package is the 120 page issue and the full source code for the solution. The solution source files are also available from http://spinvoice.codeplex.com/.

Price: $19.95
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